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English-Hungarian translations by experienced engineer.


Kabai Sándor

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Mathematical Graphics using Wolfram Mathematica       Geometrical Models (StyroBlock)  

Geometriai modellek készítése. Geometrical models made of polystyrene. Mathematikai grafika. Mathematical graphics made with the software Wolfram Mathematica. My works at Wolfram Demonstrations site. Wolfram Mathematica  Wolfram Demonstrations.

Kabai-StyroFoam technology:

Kabai Sándor: - Wikiédia

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 A Mathematica Journal article:





In a Wolfram demonstration you can see the rest of the pseudophere, as well as the path of sunshine within the frame of Bolyai memorial in Marosvásárhely.

Menger Sponge is easy, just place cubes side by side ...

Cubes of feather, stick together

... and see the shape of the internal void:




Structrues based on ring of ten golden rhombohedra:







További képek - See additional images!



12 RHs at the vertices of Ico, edges shown only.



Mathematica8 example No.173: RT 2.7527, the distance of two parallel faces of RT. Useful data to produce clusters of RT. e.g. 12 RTs with an RH inside.




Mathematica8 example No. 172: Ico12 Fractal




Mathematica8 examples No. 171: RHs are placed at vertices of TICO, then matching RHs and RTs are added.








Mathematica8 examples No. 170: 32RH_RT



Mathematica 8 Example 169. RHs are stacked.





Mathematica8 examples No. 167. 20 RT at the verices of dodecahedron and 12 RH at the vertices of icosahedron. Pleasantly matching each other, producing a sealed internal space. ... but how does this space look like?








Mathematica Graphics at 43rd LPSC








The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2011 was awarded to Dan Shechtman "for the discovery of quasicrystals" 


The Rhombic Hexecontahedron shape, that appears in quasicrystals, and that has been selected as the logo of Wolfram Alpha, can be found many times in my mathematical graphics and in my book Rhombic Structures, and my article about RH.

52RHb, also--> --   Here you can find my own Mathematica demonstrations (over 400) at the Wolfram site.

ELTE Mathematical Museum:


Dr. Szaniszló Bérczi: Eurázsiai művészetek fü






Relationship of Rhombic Dodecahedron and Pentagonal Dodecahedron







Fibonacci rhombi in regular triangle



Zazzle products with Kabai Graphics generated with Mathematica (R)

Zazzle termékek kabai grafikával, amelyek a Mathematica (R) segítségével készültek.

Exhibition in Budapest until 21 March 2011. Sándor Kabai, Szaniszló Bérczi.  From the Eurasian ornamental art to computer graphics. Az eurázsiai díszítőművészettől a számítógépes grafikáig. Kiállítás 2011. márc. 21-ig. FUGA, Budapest, V. Petőfi S. u. 5 




An abstract accepted as poster for the 42th LPSC conference in Huston, March 7, 2011

 An article written by Dr. Christoph Pöppe published in the December 2010 edition of SPEKTRUM. It contains 11 of my Mathematica images.

Ördöglakat találkozó Bakonysárkány 2010. nov. 9 Meeting of Brainteaser makers


Tetrahedron Geometry - Tetraéder geometria

 Mathematics Workshop and presentation "Élményműhely" 16 Sept. 2010 Pécs

 Bridges 2010 Pécs, Előadás. Presentation

IMA2010 Előadás. Presentation

New items in Mathematica Examples with codes. Új elemek a Mathematica 7 példákban, kódokkal együtt.

The book Rhombic Structures has been published. A "Rombikus szerkezetek" című könyv kiadva, Rendelés, Order: