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2 f^2/Sqrt[1+f^2] = 2.75276

Ez az 1 élű RT laptávolsága. This is the distance of two opposite faces of RT having edge lenght 1. RT with face cobnection can be placed at the vertices of many polyhedra (How many?) E.g. 12 RT at vertices of ico, with RH in the middle.

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12 ico(sahedra) are assembled with edge-to-edge connection at the vertices of another ico. An enveloping ico is attached, and then the process is repeated to from fractal ico.



RHs are placed to vertices of Truncated Icosahedon, and then RHs and TRs are added.

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32 RH are placed at the vertices of a and RT. The geps are filled with RTs, or pairs of RT and RH

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Sándor Kabai - January 12, 2010

Challenge: Calculate the height of tower consisting of n RHs placed on each other, where each RH is reduced by the golden ratio relative to the previous one.

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20 RT at the verices of dodecahedron and 12 RH at the vertices of icosahedron. Pleasantly matching each other, producing a sealed internal space. ... but what is this space look like?

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166_Coloured cube

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165_Fibonacci triangles

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